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Most small children experience physical or emotional problems.
Storybook combines the 
benefits of infant massage
with story-telling to 
create a special moment between
parent and 
child that not only improves health conditions,
but also greatly improves their relationship.


Most small children experience physical or emotional problems.  Storybook combines the benefits of infant massage with story-telling to create a special moment between parent and child that not only improves health conditions, but also greatly improves their relationship.

How does Storybook work?

Check out our video tutorials that will help you, in addition to being able to
appreciate all the goodness of StoryBook App

How does Storybook work?

Check out our video tutorials that will help you, in addition to being able to
appreciate all the goodness of StoryBook App

We answer your


What should I do before a massage?

Look for your child’s permission before the massage. Regardless of your child´s age, you have to ask him or her, for example “Can I touch your back to do the massage?” It is important that he or she feels that they can decide.

Do I need previous knowledge or experience to give Storybook massages to my child?

Of course not! These massages have been designed to be very simple and do not require any previous training. They are not professional techniques. The objective is to create a bond between parent and child through physical contact.

For what ages are these massages recommended?

Storybook is designed for children from 0 to 12 years old. Massage is ideal for newborn babies, including premature babies. It is important to learn how to fit them on a pillow or in your lap, so that they feel protected and comfortable.

When should I avoid massaging my child?

A child with symptoms of illness, such as a high temperature or vomiting, should not be massaged.

How to get the most out of Storybook?

The most important thing when using Storybook is to create a relaxing and distraction-free environment where parent and son can be comfortable. Dim lights and no noise help a lot. Skin-to-skin contact is very important. If it is cold, only the massage area should be uncovered. Oils or creams may be used, but it is not necessary. Also, they can mess up the device you’re using. You can use the app several times a day. The best moments are before or after diaper change or before sleep time.

Storybook replaces the treatment of a Doctor?

Massages are not the replacement of a doctor and don’t intend to replace the professional practices of health specialists. If your child has a problem, please discuss it with your doctor.

Can I try the App before buying it?

Not at the moment. But in the event you don’t love Storybook 100%, we can make a full refund no questions asked. More than 30,000 families love Storybook and we are sure that you will also see the amazing benefits. Try it with confidence and if you do not like it, just send us an email to and our outstanding customer service team will make the full refund for you.

Storybook is changing the lives

of thousands of parents!

Valentina’s dad

“Storybook is much more than an app. It’s an incredible tool that allows you to create
wonderful bonding moments with your kids. Also putting them to sleep is way much easier”

Dianna LR

“This app is the best thing that has ever happened to me! My son has ADHD, and I didn’t know
how to help him. Storybook has helped me relax him and get him to sleep sooner”.

Pia R.

I loved it! I got my 2 year old and my 8 year old to sleep in less that 5 minutes without any
crying or tantrums… I’ve never done that before… It also helped to create a routine. I highly
recommend Storybook!

My Story with Storybook

Melissa’s son was born with a rare medical condition and could not sleep more than two hours a day. For more than a year his family suffered with this problem, they tried all possible treatments and specialists, but nothing seemed to work until she discovered Storybook.

Enchanting Stories!

Captivate and relax your children with great adventures and magical tales



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“Benefits of infant massage and storytelling to
create a special moment between parents and children”

Share your Storybook

experience with us!

Share your Storybook

experience with us!



In the middle of a family crisis, Dani Vega got the chance to learn all about infant massage. She combined massages with bedtime stories and the results were amazing! This discovery changed her life and the relationship with her kids and it’s now helping thousands of families around the world.

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